Overfloweth with Alphagetti

I’ve always had a fascination with housing, in particular the discrepancies that exist within housing. My fascination with disparities have grown and I think the world of social media has definitely influenced this. I made two images to highlight one of the discrepancies I often think of, food. I am someone who really enjoys low-quality junk food. I have an affinity for Cheetos Puffs, I had a thing for Hamburger Helper as a child and would take plain (not sourdough) white bread with processed cheese vs a more gourmet version of grilled cheese any day. That being said I have been privileged to explore some of the best restaurants in my city, let alone Canada. The flavours and texture of the food are something I could never re-create at home, and I believe high-end cuisine is a true art. I admire those working around the clock who can come up with such delectable meals. 

My Alphagetti vs. the elaborate tuna dish by Guy Savoy got me thinking about the cost and quality of food. The image of the Alphagetti shows abundance, cheap quality food overflowing out the bowl and poured onto the plain white toast vs. the aesthetically pleasing piece of tuna and its patterned border.  I also got thinking about the labour intensiveness of plating the food of Guy Savoy vs. opening a tin of food and popping it into the microwave. 

These pieces are emblematic of a much larger story about food - eating to live vs. living to eat. These pieces are also supposed to highlight more serious matters: food security, consumption and waste. 

Alphagettis and Toast

A Beautiful Piece of Fish

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